The Secret Weapon to Weight Loss: Measuring the Right Way

As a society, we really like to measure things. We like to compare our own situations to the national average, our friends, or even imaginary ideals that are seriously impossible to reach. The weight loss industry capitalizes on this. Look around! They tell you to be within a certain weight range for your demographic. To lose it all because Marie Osmond could, or because the results on the Pinterest image are soooo impressive! That could be you–that ought to be you, right? No way.feet on a bathroom scale

Many different methods have been developed for measuring your overall fitness. One of them, the Body Mass Index (BMI), categorizes you as healthy, overweight, or obese based on your height-to-weight ratio. This index has been pretty widely accepted, but there’s a problem: it’s WRONG.

It seems that the people who developed the BMI forgot that muscle weighs more than fat. That means that bodybuilders, or anyone who has a hefty amount of muscle, can be classified as overweight or obese simply because they weigh more than flabby people. Sorry, I’d pass on that.girl lifting weights

One-size-fits-all weight loss programs are also unfair standards. While Pinterest might tout 30-day fixes and companies guarantee results based off a static program, you need to take a minute to think. Your body is wayyyy different than anyone else’s! Does it make sense for a teenage girl to go on the same program as a middle-aged man? Or even a middle-aged woman? Nope, it doesn’t. Bodies change and requirements change and following a set of globalized instructions only results in more frustration for you.woman with hands over her face

Here’s the bottom line. In order to get the best results, you need to know exactly what’s going on in your body. You also need to know what your body requires and eat based off of that understanding. This is the reason why tools like the iDXA scanner are so important. The scanner allows you to see exactly how much lean tissue you’re working with and how much fat you’ve got. It gives you a detailed image of your body that should work as a baseline for your fitness program. By setting goals based on the results of the scan, you’re working toward what is best for YOUR body—not an arbitrary BMI range or a comparison to other people. For more info on the iDXA scanner, check out this article.idxa scan

Please don’t put yourself through unnecessary programs or try to fit your body into a range that it was never meant to be in. You deserve a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that’s based around YOUR needs and nothing else. That’s how you’ll find results that you can maintain.

For more information on getting your own iDXA scan, check out or call (480) 477-6334 today.

5 thoughts on “The Secret Weapon to Weight Loss: Measuring the Right Way

    • Our office/scanner are only available in Scottsdale. Sorry about that! However, we do have a long-distance program called Synergy for people who live far away. We use a Nokia Body+ scale to get you the same information available from the iDXA scan. If you’re interested in that, I can totally hook you up! Just call (480) 477-6334!


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