It’s Time for Fitness Trackers to Step Up

I recently worked as an intern in an office that was part of a large-scale corporation. At the end of my internship, corporate HR came around to our branch and gave out free health assessments to all of the employees on their insurance plan. After talking with the nurses, the head honchos determined that one of their greatest liabilities was—you guessed it—employee obesity.overweight legsRead More »

Treating Neuropathy Naturally

One of the most recent program additions that we’ve made is a Neuropathy Treatment option. Many of our clients suffer from some form of neuropathy in their arms, hands, legs, or feet, which is why we’ve adopted a program that treats and cures neuropathy without harmful drugs.


First, it’s important to address that the medical system in the United States is reactive rather than preventative.Read More »

Why Take MCT Oil?

MCTs are a kind of saturated fat that is absorbed directly by the liver after it is digested. In the liver, these fats are quickly converted into ketones and sent to the cells that require them for energy. This means that MCT Oil is the perfect supplement for cardio training and athletes!braden-collum-87874-unsplash

There are a variety of ways to get in your MCTs, and here are a few of our favorites:

  • Straight from a spoon. If you can handle the texture, taking MCT oil directly is a wonderful way to get nutrients and ketones into your system as quickly as possible.733739021991-1
  • Blended into coffee or tea. For an extra boost, add MCT oil into your favorite beverage. The best way to add MCT oil is to use a blender, not just a spoon. Just stirring the oil in with a spoon will leave an oil slick on the top of the drink.emre-gencer-364602-unsplash
  • Added to guacamole. While it’s important not to overdo the amount of fats that you have in one setting, you can start adding a little guac to your favorite salad! A great way to get in your MCT oils is to add them to the avocados before they’re mashed up. The texture becomes smoother, especially if the avocado isn’t quite ripe yet.glen-carrie-339678-unsplash
  • Drizzled over dinner. Just in case you can’t stomach MCT oil from the spoon or in your coffee, try adding it to other food that will be in your stomach at the same time. Along with adding in necessary ketones to your diet, MCT oil also decreases the amount that your blood sugar and insulin levels spike after a meal AND reduces cravings!sara-dubler-584433-unsplash
  • Blended into shakes or smoothies. Similar to coffee, adding MCT oil to shakes makes them thicker, richer, and energy boosting. It creates a protein serving that is high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates!element5-digital-500002-unsplash
  • Used to sauté vegetables. MCT oil can be used for cooking in low to medium temperatures. You can also add it to other fats that you use for cooking, such as butter or olive oil.nick-nice-631571-unsplash


For more tips and answers about MCT oil, give our office a call! We love the product and want to help you utilize it for max results!

Exercise and Why You Need It TODAY!

Some days are a struggle to make time to exercise. Here are a few facts about exercise that can help to get you up and moving.

Exercise can:

  • improve fitness level
  • improve muscle tone
  • prevent sagging skin
  • increase metabolism
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • promote sleep
  • relieve stress
  • release endorphins, the feel good chemicals in the brain, improving mood.
  • cure diseases such as some forms of heart disease and cancer
  • help with arthritis
  • reverse depression

Now that you know why you should exercise, here are a few nifty tips to help you get off the couch!Read More »

Empty Nesters – Now What?

Here’s a post by one of our owners, Celeste!

Our last little chick took flight last month, making Jeff and I empty nesters.  Our son is off for two years to serve a mission for our church.  We went from watching him play multiple volleyball games per week, to  high school graduation, to a family vacation with him, to a full house with our other daughter and her husband coming to say goodbye to JUST US in a matter of eight weeks. Family-pic-7-9-17-1024x899

We can still have daily contact with our daughter, who’s been off on her own for five years now, but with Cooper, we’ll be limited to a weekly email contact and biannual Skype visits for the next two years.  This has not been something I’ve been looking forward to.  In fact, it feels like who I am and who I always aspired to be is now different.  Being a mom was my number one goal and my number one job for the past 23 ½ years, and now they’ve grown up and gone away and I’m left wondering if life will ever be the same.

IT WON’T!  But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be sweet anymore.  It doesn’t mean that life is over and that I don’t have purpose anymore.  It just means that what was normal before isn’t my normal anymore.  In fact, there are a lot of things I’ve found out that are great about being an empty nester.  I don’t have to worry about where my children are at any given time of the day.  I purchase food  that I know will be eaten. My kitchen stays clean, and my laundry room doesn’t look like a bomb went off.  I look down the hallway to a clean room and a neatly made bed.  I’m also getting lots of great one on one time with Jeff.  We’re re-learning about each other and our relationship is getting even stronger.

I know this seems like a personal journal entry, but it really does relate to the lifestyle changes we coach our clients to make.  If clients go through our program with the idea in mind that they won’t be happy until they can go back to their normal eating- the weight will most likely come back.  But, if they can find joy in this new normal way of life, the changes they have made will become sweet to them.   Different doesn’t mean bad!

10 Tips for a Better Love Life

Though not everyone is involved in romantic relationships, it is February and that calls for articles about how to improve your love life!  These suggestions are great because they will strengthen ALL of your relationships.

Remember, it’s the little things that count.  Small, thoughtful gestures, off-hand compliments, or appropriate physical contact can vastly strengthen a relationship.

Psychologists Nathaniel Branden and Robert Sternberg have both researched and written about the challenges of romantic relationships. Their research has suggested 10 keys to keeping both partners content, satisfied, and happy with each other.

  1.  Tell your partner you love them. Although actions speak louder than words, words often speak more clearly than actions. Take a moment every now and then to verbalize your feelings for your partner. alex-iby-371384
  2. Show some affection. Small acts of physical intimacy give your partner a warm feeling and convey the love and affection you feel for them. The littlest touch can be as important, or even more important, than the longest night of sexual intimacy.courtney-clayton-361801
  3. Show appreciation for your partner. Let your partner know on a regular basis what it is that you like most about them — what you admire, what makes you proud, what their strengths are in your eyes.priscilla-du-preez-318422
  4. Share yourself. Don’t keep your likes and dislikes, dreams and fears, achievements and mistakes, or anything else to yourself. If it’s important to you, share it with your partner.timo-stern-234939
  5. Be there for your partner. It’s obvious what you need to do when your partner faces a major life challenge like the loss of a job or the death of a loved one. But it’s just as important to be supportive when your partner faces life’s little challenges, too, such as an argument at work, a rough commute, or a misplaced check.manuel-meurisse-350263
  6. Give gifts. Take advantage of opportunities to give material tokens of your love. Just the right book picked up at the bookstore, a special dessert, a piece of jewelry or clothing you noticed at the store — anything small or large that tells them you were thinking of them.inna-lesyk-191832
  7. Respond gracefully to your partner’s demands and shortcomings. A big killer of relationships is unreasonable expectations. Unless you married a robot, your partner comes pre-loaded with a whole range of human failures and foibles. Learn to recognize and appreciate your partner’s quirks for what they are: an essential part of who they are as a person.brooke-cagle-504481
  8. Make “alone time” a priority. No matter how busy both of your lives are, make sure you commit at least an evening every week or two to be alone together.priscilla-du-preez-105714
  9. Take nothing for granted. Cultivate a daily sense of gratitude for your partner and the thousands of little blessings he or she has brought into your life.freestocks-org-95449
  10. Strive for equality. Make sure you follow the Golden Rule in your relationship: do unto your partner as you would have done unto you. Strive for a fair division of household duties and other tasks, and don’t expect or demand special considerations you’d be unwilling to offer in return.vladimir-kudinov-94962